Monday, May 16, 2011

What really happens

Once upon a time, in January 2011, I went to Jumpin' Jacks with my family. I just love bouncing on those bouncy houses. I was having a great time til' I sat down and looked slightly upward to the ceiling. That is when I realized why Santa didn't come to my house this year. I don't know if I am the first to find him, but I will not sit idly and let Santa suffer. It must be known what monsters the people at Jumpin' Jacks are. If this isn't proof enough, look closely and the the toad that is welcoming everyone to this fine establishment with the double-handed, single-finger wave. Right back at ya' Jumpin' Jacks!


Rachel said...

BA HAhahahahahahahaha!

You're so funny, Kell. And so, so cute. Thanks for posting. Do it more often, would ya?

auntpittypat said...

Hi Kelly Bell, I came upon your blog totally by accident. Your writings have made my evening enjoyable. You are so cute!